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Li-Ning Company Limited owns the brands Li-Ning – its core brand, Kason, Doubles Happiness Sports (DHS) and Lotto.

In 2009, as part of its strategy to expand into one of the world’s fastest growing sport – badminton – Li-Ning acquired an interest in Kason. By integrating Kason’s leading manufacturing techniques and research and development capabilities, with Li-Ning’s well-established marketing resources, the Company was swiftly able to gain a significant share of the badminton market and establish Kason as one of the top 3 badminton brands in China.

In 2008 Li-Ning acquired a controlling interesting in one of the world’s leading table tennis brand – DHS. Over the years, the synergistic impact of the merger between the two brands – across, brand marketing, promotion, sports tournament sponsorship and distribution channel expansion of the two brands – further strengthened the Company’s position in the table tennis market.

In 2008, Li-Ning entered into a co-operative agreement with Lotto under a 20 year licensing contract to develop the brand in China.In 2013, the Company recognised the increased use of online shopping channels by consumers and shifted Lotto’s offline stores to online channels, creating greater economies of scale.

Li-Ning is one of the leading sports brands of the world. In a period of over 25 years, Li-Ning has established itself on the international sports market as a successful innovative and dynamic brand. Li-Ning develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for professional and leisure purposes, across the categories of badminton, basketball, tennis, running, fitness, yoga, sports life and urban sports. The Li-Ning Company has a market presence across Southeast and Central Asia, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas; and is currently headquartered in Beijing, China.


In 1990, world-renowned Chinese Olympic gold medallist – and one of the most outstanding athletes of the 20th Century – Mr. Li Ning, established his namesake brand “Li-Ning”, under Li-Ning Company Limited. Within a decade, Li-Ning Company Limited was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and by 2012 the Li-Ning brand was established as the third-largest sports apparel brand in the world. 

With more than two decades of experience as one of the world’s leading sports brands, Li-Ning has established an extensive distribution channel, with over 6,400 conventional stores, flagship stores and other retail outlets, spanning across all major geographic regions. 

Li-Ning’s philosophy is to continuously create innovative and dynamic products for its consumers and the Company has established various research facilities across Hong Kongdedicated to strengthening its in-house research and development, design, marketing and manufacturing capabilities. As a result, Li-Ning offers a wide range of inimitable and innovative products, which include footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, for both professional and leisure purposes.

Unsurprisingly, over the decades, the Company has been able to successfully patent several of its design and manufacturing techniques in the footwear and apparel categories. Some of the key patents include, “Li-Ning Bounse”, “Li-Ning Arc” and “Li-Ning Bow” in its footwear category, and “AWS Dry”, “AWS Wind” and “AWS Stretch” for its apparels. Such technological breakthroughs give Li-Ning the competitive edge over other brands in the market.

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